Les Black is a Belfast born mathematician, computer programmer and trainer who also enjoys art. In the same way that there are patterns inherent in mathematics which is, of course, the symbolic representation of nature, his art, too, focuses on these patterns. Look out for these patterns in his works.

Les Black

My story

Award-winning Northern Irish Artist Les Black was selected, in 1989, as the top GCSE student in Northern Ireland. His work was selected for inclusion in that year's promotional tour of the country. His studio specializes in black and white line drawings of people, animals, landscapes and buildings. Many of his works have been rendered digitally in colour and make fantastic wall art posters either in vinyl, canvas or paper. He is available for commissions to local businesses assisting them in their marketing, advertising and other promotional activities. Les also specialises in producing time-lapse art videos that show his art production process from pencil drawing to final finished product (p2p). Watch the videos on YouTube and on this site. Sit back and enjoy.